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I'm teaching with Czechitas now

It’s been about 9 months since I’ve first met with Dita Přikrylová, founder of Czechitas, non-profit organization that focuses on teaching development skills to women, girls and children.

She came to present what they do, but I already knew that. I’ve already been a fan. What I really wanted was to help to bring them to Budweis. Luckily I was not only one with same idea and we created great team right there. Most importantly with Lenka Hrabáková and Huyền Truongová who became local event managers. In following 9 months we have kick started local group.

I had an honor to be lector of first workshop. We started with basics of web, HTML and CSS. I taught some, but learned more myself and amount of positive feedback at the end was quite overwhelming.

Since then we have had about 1 workshop a month, extended to Písek and I’ve been joined by 2 more local lectors, Michal Oktábec and Martin Hlaváč and Martin came with first locally made workshop - Wordpress.

Reason why I’m writing this post is that we are currently planning longer-term, intensive course for web creation. While I work with web every day and wrote CSS framework for my client, what I mostly do is semi-legacy interface that does not care much about mobile, social media etc. To teach, I will need to learn too and I hope to write some of newly discovered knowledge here and possibly to answer some more difficult question by participants in a blog-post form.

Czechitas is great organization, definitely check them out, volunteer, coach and share knowledge.